Exerciții de gramatică

Choose the correct words

1. Reading books is perceived / assessed as being an intellectual activity, unlike watching TV.

2. I didn’t think it was my type of book, but I directly / genuinely enjoyed it.

3. I tend to read books in electronic format / outlook – I prefer a screen to physical pages.

4. I bought the book because I really liked the browse / blurb on the back cover.

5. I find reading fantasy novels very distraction / therapeutic .

Put the words in order to write questions using the future perfect simple.

1. the gadget / deliver / by three o’clock / they / ?

2. tomorrow evening / you by this time / the data / collect / ?

3. Jack / you internet / connect / by the next week / ?

4. by 2080 / improve / experts / the quality of life for everyone / ?

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words below.

deteriorate / vary / stroll / facilitate / compel / evolve / reciprocate

1. Dividing people into small groups can discussion.

2. Hotel prices from city to city.

3. Kate felt to explain why she had arrived so late to the meeting.

4. Languages don’t remain the same over time – they constantly as people use them to communicate
new ideas.

5. I advise her to the problem and talk to Jake about the misunderstanding.

6. After the meal, we along the beach for a while.

7. We invited them to our daughter’s wedding and they when their son got married the following.

8. If you start lying to your friends, you relationship with them will soon .

Choose the adverb that CANNOT be used with the word.

1. too / quite / rather interesting

2. totally / very / highly recommend

3. incredibly / absolutely / tremendously fast

4. very / highly / really beautiful

5. rather / really / very hate

6. extremely / considerably / too slowly slowly

Choose the sentences that contain connectors of reason and cause.

Complete the sentences. Use the second or third conditional.

1. We would take a plane if we (be) in a hurry to get there.

2. They (cancel) the flight if they had known about the mechanical failure.

3. If you (not keep) your cool, you wouldn’t have saved the passengers.

4. Jack wouldn’t have a fear of flying if he (see) a therapist.

5. If Sarah (have) a serious injury, would she have gone to the hospital?

6. If they showed a safety video, (you/watch) it?

Pick the right word according to the definition.

ugly / shrink / assortment / initiate / aspiration / disposition / persist / constraint / shatter / feature

1. A person’s character.

2. A mixture of different things.

3. A characteristic of someone or something.

4. Something that limits your freedom.

5. To become or make something smaller.

6. Unpleasant, especially in appearance.

7. To start something.

8. To continue doing something and not giving up.

9. To completely destroy something.

10. A strong desire to achieve something.

Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of used to and the words in bold.

1. They (go) to the library every Saturday, but they don’t anymore.

2. I (not admire) that writer, but now I do.

3. My friend (wear) a lot of pink, but now she prefers darker colors.

4. (that woman / make) the headlines every week?

5. Trent and I (not like) reading, but now we love it.

6. (your father / read) you stories every night?

Choose the correct words.

1. To (confirm / supply) information to a newspaper.

2. To (disguise / underestimate) the power of media.

3. To (combat / regulate) social problems using the media.

4. To (fall for / fall with) a fake piece of news.

5. To (persuade / assess) readers to buy a product.

6. To (block / comprehend) the seriousness of a problem.

7. To (assess / spread) the quality of a newspaper article.

8. To (dispute / initiate) an investigation into a crime.

Choose the passive sentences